Sean P. Scully


About Me

 I am an experienced writer and editor, with the strong ability to explain, define, and frame an issue in a simple, direct, and compelling way. I am a veteran journalist, with experience from small-town councils to the halls of Congress and the White House. In more than 20 years in the business, I worked as a writer, reporter, editor, photographer and newsroom manager. I have taught journalism and helped coach younger journalists on the finer points of their craft.


What I can do for you

 I am available to report, write or edit stories and other pieces on a wide variety of topics. I can bring to you my skills as a researcher and interviewer. I can coach you and your employees on the art of communicating clearly and forcefully in print, and I can consult on all aspects of journalism, communicating with the media, and life in a real newsroom. I can help smooth and shape your website, bringing it a professional, approachable voice and clean organization.


Bio and Resume

Samples of My Work

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