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Journalism sites

Jim Romenesko, the nation's best media blogger. I use this as the homepage on my browsers.

Journalism Jobs, the best collection of journalism jobs, particularly entry level.

Journalism Next, almost as good for jobs as JournalismJobs, but often including more high-end job listings and less entry-level work.

Mediabistro, a great collection of odds and ends, including job listings, though heavily oriented toward magazines, book publishing, and anything in New York City.


Places I have worked

The Committee of Seventy

Diversified Search



The Philadelphia Business Journal

The Washington Times

The Washington Examiner, the successor to The Journal Newspapers.

The Daily Progress

Broadcasting & Cable

The Orange County Review

The Greene County Record

Cal Poly Pomona

The Poly Post


Assorted sites I like

Kyrsta is a Woman of Distinction The Philadelphia Business Journal just confirms what I had always known.

Beer Advocate A place for the passionate and earnest discussion of the best beverage since water.

PodmonkeyX, my brother's site, complete with a shrine to Walter Lippmann.

Pitchfork, a great music website.

KCRW, the best music station in the country.

Triple J, my wife's favorite radio station, discovered on a trip to Australia.

Kyrsta's Philly Hotel, the Philly Four Seasons scores big in national Zagat survey.

The Society of the Occult Hand, this happened as if typed by an Occult Hand.

Kyrsta Gets Quoted, my wife talks to Philadelphia Magazine about the fading tradition of having a Maitre D'


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