Other Publications


Why Ask WHYY? Philadelphia Weekly, April 27-May 5, 2005 Public radio powerhouse WHYY-FM accepts an "underwriting message" from a Virginia economic development group interested in luring the station's listeners to move south.

New Times, Old Needs, The Montgomery Journal, Dec. 29, 1995 A series of changes in Montgomery County's venerable affordable housing regulations, which had been a model for the nation, signal a fracturing of the decades-old liberal consensus in Maryland's most populous county. This capped a months-long project looking at the history and future of the issue.

Weeklong Event Revives the Faithful, The Montgomery Journal, Aug. 11, 1995 Even as suburban sprawl covers Montgomery County, a rural campground continues to be a center for a historic annual revival event.

Jester Makes Hospital His Mirth Ward, The Daily Progress, July 7, 1994 Unemployed doctor Alan Agins brings his secondary skills, as a magician and a clown, to the University of Virginia Hospital. While he does manage to spread some joy, not all the patients know what to make of him.


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