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Temple Adds Columbia to Its International Program Roster, Sept. 25-Oct.1, 2009 For a special section on graduate business education, I look at a new joint venture between Temple University's business school and a university in Columbia. The program, which offers a full Temple MBA to mid-career South American businessmen, is designed to expose foreign business leaders to the United States and to give American professors valuable experience in other cultures. I also provide a short look at a program at Drexel to provide full tuition to returning military veterans.

Law Firms and Clients Think Twice About the Billable Hour, Feb. 20-26, 2009 Major law firms in Philadelphia join a national trend of rethinking the iconic "billable hour." I talk to firms and clients in Philadelphia to assess how the industry is slowly moving toward alternative billing arrangements, such as fixed fees and bonuses contingent on the progress of the base or certain outcomes.

Business Management by the Bible, Aug. 1-7, 2008 For a special section on business education, I profile a new program at Villanova University that offers a degree in church management, the first such program in the nation created specifically for church officials. Organizers say clergy and lay employees alike face unique challenges in managing the business of a church, such as how to treat management as an arm of religious ministry, yet they often receive little or no basic business training before being entrusted with an operation that can manage millions of dollars in cash and property.

Big Four Accounting Firms Edge Back into Consulting Biz, July 4-10, 2008 For a special section on the law and accounting industries, I talk to Big Four accounting firms to see how they are adjusting to the slowdown in work related to the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Six years after they largely abandoned consulting work and shed mid-market auditing clients, the firms are cautiously moving back in to reclaim their lost territory. But smaller firms have had six years to adjust to the changed landscape, meaning new competitive battles looming between the large and small firms.

Taking Off? Jan. 11-17, 2008 For a special section focusing on transportation and hospitality, I wrote the lead article on U.S. Airways' effort to improve the aging facilities - and woeful service - at its major hub in Philadelphia. Although the airport remains a chronic bottleneck for air travel, and U.S. Airways remains the worst in the nation by many measures, there are signs that things may be improving.

The Business Case for Corporate Giving,  Partners in Philanthropy special section, Nov. 23-29, 2007 To kick off a new editorial project focusing on corporate philanthropy in the area, the Business Journal commissioned me to write the lead article in the kick-off special section. I took a look at how and why companies donate time, money and expertise and how they justify such activities that can't be quantified in the strict dollars-and-sense figures on a balance sheet. I also helped coordinate the Business Journal's subsequent survey of corporate philanthropy in the Delaware Valley, the first of a planned annual survey.

Noodles, Lychee, Tofu, Oh My! Philadelphia Life,  Nov. 23, 2007 For the final edition of Philadelphia Life magazine, I took a tour of the little known world of oriental markets lining the road in the shadow of the famous Italian Market. My guide to this fascinating and unfamiliar world was famed Philly chef Joseph Poon.

Where the Pros Shop, Philadelphia Life, Nov. 23, 2007 I take readers inside the Marketplace Design center, a huge but largely secret mall in the middle of Philadelphia that caters exclusively to interior designers and architects, giving them a one-stop source for the best in fabrics, furniture and fixtures.

In the Hot Seat, Philadelphia Life, Nov. 23,2007 What do you do when you want the best seats in the house at area sporting venues? Look for the suites. I introduce readers to the luxurious, and pricey, world of skyboxes and suites at the arenas that host the city's beloved Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers, and give some advice on how the regular guy can get a little piece of the action.

One Room at a Time, Philadelphia Life, Nov. 23, 2007 The Campanales moved into their house in 1967 and have slowly remade the entire house as the needs of their family changed. Little by little, they have changed just about everything in the house, sometimes two or even three times. By doing it room by room, they say, they got exactly the house they wanted at a price they could afford at the time.

On Topic, new feature starting summer 2007 When the Business Journal decided to start a new periodic feature, "On Topic," in which they posed a common question to a series of local business and government leaders, they looked to me to coordinate each edition. I worked with the editors to come up with topics, formulate questions, and identify appropriate respondents. I contacted the leaders, collected their responses and photographs, and edited the answers.

Regional Transfers to Latin America a $2.5 Billion Market, April 27-May 3, 2007 With the explosion of immigration into the United States in recent decades, Delaware Valley financial institutions try to tap into the expanding, and previously little-known, market of foreign-born workers sending money to Latin American and beyond.

The Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities, March 30-April 5, 2007 Technology and government grants are making it easier than ever for businesses to hire persons with disabilities, many of whom would have been locked out of the job market just a few years ago.

Out of the Ashes, Philadelphia Life magazine, Feb. 16, 2007 When a group of investors and builders bought the remnants of one of Lower Merion's most historic houses, nobody would have blamed them if they had knocked down the fire-gutted ruin and started over. Instead, they chose the daunting task of bringing the property back to life. I profile the remarkable, no-expense-spared effort to save a little known piece of local history. I also assisted on the editing of the issue.

Inside America's Oldest Auction House, Philadelphia Life magazine, Feb. 16, 2007 Not long ago, Philadelphia's historic Freeman's Auction House had fallen on hard times, reduced to selling low end junk for as little as $1 a lot. I take the readers insider the campaign to revitalize America's oldest auction house and bring a new generation of buyers into live auctions. I also assisted on the editing of the issue.

Women of Distinction 2006, Dec. 8-14, 2006 I profiled five of the 25 women honored by in the Business Journal's annual special edition.

Breathing Room, Philadelphia Life magazine, Sept. 8, 2006 For the second issues of the Business Journal's new lifestyle magazine, I examine the ways a Chestnut Hill homeowner and her designer sought to update one of the area's iconic Victorian mansions for modern tastes while preserving its historic character. I also assisted on the editing of the issue.

Gem in Germantown, Philadelphia Life magazine, June 2, 2006 For the inaugural issue of the Business Journal's new lifestyle magazine, I look at the extensive historic renovation of the fantastic mansion built by Joseph M. Huston, the visionary architect who designed Pennsylvania's famous state capitol. I also assisted on the editing of the new magazine.

Women of Distinction 2005, Dec. 2-8, 2005 I profiled five of the 25 women honored by in the Business Journal's annual special edition.

Small Town Packs a Big Punch Among Corporate Giants, Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2005 Wilmington Delaware is barely a blip on the map, yet it is in effect the business headquarters of the nation.

High-Risk Companies Hope to Be Touched by an Angel, July 1-7, 2005 As venture capital firms look for ever bigger companies to back, smaller-startups rely increasingly on wealthy individuals known as Angels. Angels meanwhile, get more organized to meet the need.

Preservation Efforts Tame Retirement Center Concerns, Feb. 11-17, 2005 An innovative use of a tax provision intended to redevelop the inner cities may help preserve one of the last undeveloped agricultural parcels in Philadelphia's sprawling suburbs.


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