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National Desk

Cheney Not a Voluble Asset, Aug. 1, 2000 A wry look at the unusual character of George W. Bush's unexpected and unlikely new running mate as he debuted at the Republican convention.

New Hampshire Makes a Difference, Jan. 31, 2000 A profile and history of the notoriously unpredictable New Hampshire Primary, just a week before McCain's upset victory over Bush in 2000.

Lack of Traction, Funds Ends Smith's White House Bid, Oct. 29, 1999 A humorous look at the anti-climactic end of Sen. Bob Smith's quixotic quest for the White House.

New Party Aims to Make the South Rise Again, Aug. 8, 1999 I visited the founding convention of the new Southern Party, which has as its political platform independence of the South.

INS Reform Funded But Not Assured, March 28, 1998 In the face of furious rhetoric about reform at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, I stepped back for a realistic examination of the prospects and history of the troubled agency.

Metro Desk

Traditional Stadium Foes Muted on UMd. Proposal Dec. 7, 1997 An analysis of the tortured politics of public funding for stadiums in Maryland, during which I was assaulted (albeit good-naturedly) by the governor.

The Odd Tale of Why Stonewall is Buried in Two Places, Nov. 22, 1997 Most of Stonewall Jackson is in Lexington, Va. The rest of him is under a windswept hill in a forgotten corner of the Wilderness Battlefield more than 100 miles away.

Despite Minimal Risk from El Nino, Maryland isn't Taking Any Chances Nov. 15, 1997 A silly report about a serious state press conference that left reporters puzzled and amused.

Maryland Still Behind on Welfare Deadline, Oct. 12, 1997 An examination of Maryland's chronic problems improving its welfare system, with $100 million in federal money on the line.

Public Paid for Workers' Illicit Telephone Bills, June 2, 1997 A technical oversight in Montgomery County government allowed workers to call friends, family and sex lines on the public's dime. This story won the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award from the D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Another Kind of Speaker, March 24, 1997 A profile of the distinctive young man who read all the bills and routine business in Maryland's House chamber.

Real People Have Their Say, March 3, 1997 The tale of a venerable institution in Maryland's General Assembly, the weekly evening session, which gives amateur lobbyists and curious citizens a chance to see their government in action.

Former Midshipmen Say the Academy May Be Too Smart for Its Own Good, May 25, 1996 Former students and officials diagnose the problems at the U.S. Naval Academy in the wake of a series of scandals that shook the institution.


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